Lighten Up


Every now and then its good to lighten up and enjoy the things of life as they come to you. The serious tone of our situations can get the best of us. Lets learn to let our hair down and have some fun. Even in dark times we all need grace and levity.

In A Slump


When one is in a slump whether it be personal or professional it’s always good to ask for help. Asking questions of others who have life experience to help you though tough times and can make things better for everyone. Never be afraid to admit when you don’t know something. I have learned to be persistent and patient when you find yourself in a tough situation. Work smart and keep your cool a slump is a temporary thing.


Hanging in there


Some situations in life can challenge you, test your faith, your resolve. As times get tough and your spirit is worn down what do you do? Hanging in there can be the hard thing to do. Things worth doing are usually difficult and the rewards can be great. Other times the challenge of it all is too much. Sticking around can be tough and the individual must make a life choice. Hang in there if you can.