Blog Your Blues


I would rather see someone sharing their blues about something in a original post than a bunch of reblogs. Your situation might actually help someone else. There’s nothing wrong with sharing the blues. Musicians, artists and writers have done it for centuries. Everyone has something in their lives that they are going through and perhaps some support and love would help them and help each of us get through.




What you once had you don’t have anymore but you have something different.

The job you went to for years disappeared and now you do something different. 

The one you loved isn’t there anymore but there is someone new and its different.

The place you lived in since you were a kid is not the place you live now, it’s all different.

Have comfort in the things you have even though they are not what you are used to. 

It’s OK when things are different because you still have something, someone and you do things new. 

Make Best Use of The Time You Have


Life is a challenge for so many people. Many cope with things that keep them from enjoying life to its fullest. Whether it be physical or emotional issues everyone is impaired from getting out there and making the most of it. It hurts me when people in my life for one reason or another aren’t doing things to use the time they have on this Earth. Our lives are as long as we are given time to live them so we have to do what we can to love, laugh, grow and to have others in them. So work on making the best use of the time you have from birth to the time you leave our planet for your eternal destination.