Ash Wednesday & Lent


It’s the beginning of Lenten season in the Christian tradition which makes this Ash Wednesday and there was to be an service at church but due to the weather situation it was cancelled. I am not feeling the beginning of this season due to there not being ashes. Ritual is an important part of religion and Ashes help kick things off. Now I will have to find other ways to get fired up about Lent. I don’t even know what I am giving up or taking on this season. There are other things in play here too I don’t want to go into. Let’s see what happens. 


What I Am Giving Up For Lent


I am resolved to give up being hard on myself for Lent. Believe it or not I am critical and too self deprecating. Having a better self image and self esteem will help me in so many ways. It also affirms that I am special to God who made me. So I am going to work on loving myself so I can love others better. This is my Lenten journey for 2013.


ASH WEDNESDAY – For many Christians around the world today is Ash Wednesday which begins the season of Lent. It begins 40 days of prayer and fasting as we remember Jesus temptation in the desert. The ashes are a reminder and celebration of human mortality as well as repentance. My church will celebrate the ritual of the ashes tonight. Its a meaningful expression of worship when the ashes are imposed.

Now I have to make up my mind what I am giving up or taking on for Lent.

The Irony of Lent and Valentine’s Day


Wednesday is Ash Wednesday which is the beginning of the Lenten season for many in the Christian faith. It is a time when people will give up something to focus on their lives in Christ. One popular thing to give up is Chocolate. It isn’t easy to do this but some do it. However with Valentine’s Day coming up on Thursday giving that special someone a box of chocolates is going to be troubling. Of course you could eat the chocolate on Sunday but as we all know the waiting is the hardest part.