Being relevant is a hard thing to do.

Me, I Said This.

It’s great to be yourself but you also have to know what’s going on in the world and be willing to learn new things along the way. Being relevant means communicating with people older and younger than yourself. Keeping up with the times can be challenging for everyone.


Handwriting, I Get Writers Cramp Just Thinking About It


I am currently looking for work and that means filling out job applications. I love it when I can do it on-line however there comes a time when old fashioned handwriting is called for.

My penmanship is horrible. Handwriting is something I am not a fan of but I have to do it sometimes. I am a lefty who has never grasped the fine art of cursive very well. Perhaps I don’t take my time to do it right or something like that. Whenever I am taking notes by hand I write in all capital letters, its easier for me to do it that way.

I am a recording secretary for my colleges alumni association and sometimes I have to take notes by hand. Sometimes its hard to read what I have written down. When a alumni meeting goes too long talk about writers cramp.

When I sign anything it’s done in cursive which brings up another issue that cursive is argued to be outdated and isn’t taught much in the schools anymore I understand. I guess there is something to learning good penmanship because you might need it one day like when signing for a mortgage or other business transaction.

Penmanship is a skill and some people do it really well. I just wish I was one of them. I write like a physician more so than a artist.

Knowledge Gained By Fixing A Problem


I learned a few new things today while fixing a problem with my wife’s computer. She couldn’t get her Dropbox installation to work on her laptop. Well we run Linux and I had to do some research on how to fix it being different from Windows and Mac OS. Well after getting support from Linux community websites and forums I believe I do have it fixed. It’s cool when you can get something working again and gain some knowledge along the way.

Whenever you have a problem you need to fix you find yourself learning along the way. Hopefully what you are fixing won’t be wrecked in the process though. Mistakes will be made but if you take your time problems can be resolved.

There is something about doing something for yourself that is exciting. However never be ashamed to ask for help along the way because you can gain wisdom from the trial and error of others.


Students are returning to class in the coming days here. In other places they are already back at it. In my day (yeah I just said in my day) we went back after labor day when it was a little cooler. Some states are requiring students be in the classroom longer each year. May God bless all students on all levels of study. May they have a great year, a safe year, a exciting year.