Arsenio fulfills his dream with late-night return

Did fate decree that Arsenio Hall would return to late night after two decades’ absence? If so, he’s answering that comeback call on Sept. 9 with the premiere of “The Arsenio Hall Show” (syndicated; …


Johnny Carson, The True King of Late Night


Last night I watched a documentary on former Tonight Show host Johnny Carson. I was reminded how funny this man was. The jokes he told still hold up after all these years. Its amazing how timeless comedy can be. His career was legendary and he remains the standard bearer for late night TV show hosts. At his peak he had an audience of over 15 million and consider that he was on at 11:30 at night. His show was appointment television each weeknight. Carson along with long-time announcer and co-host Ed McMahon ruled the night for decades.

Carson’s personal life was very colorful. He was married 4 times and he had 3 sons. His mother was his toughest critic. I was impressed by the fact he had his own line of clothing.

Leno, Letterman, Kimmel, O’Brien and Fallon were all influenced heavily by the body of work that Johnny Carson created. However Carson’s influences were Jack Benny and Red Skelton both men he worked with. Johnny was also a talented magician and musician as well as a veracious reader. You could say his show was so good because he payed attention to what was happening with the world.

There will never be another Johnny Carson. Check out American Masters profile on Johnny Carson from PBS