Call Me, On My Landline


Recently we have had a problem with our cell signal at home. The tower that we seem to roam off of the most was down most of the week. We could get signal in other parts of town but this led me to think about our landline.

So many people are cutting the cord as a means of sparing the expense of a landline but our experience this week made me glad to have one. I love the security of having a home phone line because its a wired connection that is up more than its down. I believe having both wired and wireless offers the most reliable connections possible. 

Having a home phone also allows me to contact people without fear of losing a signal where I live. Every call is clear and when you call some numbers you need as much clarity as possible.

So I am a bit retro, Call me at home on a phone with a cord on it. We say yes to the landline.