The Perks Of Friday!

In keeping with this coffee theme I have going this morning. These coffee products were bought at Save a Lot this morning. We enjoy having a Keurig where we have discovered a lot of unique coffee roasts and blends. Iced Coffee is a popular thing around here so I got these bottles while I was at it. There is a God because He blessed us with coffee beans. There’s a whole book in the Bible called He-brews so I think this is a divine beverage.

An Amazing Thing, This Technology


We have a Keurig coffee brewing system that we got last Christmas. This morning it was not brewing at all, so that problem had to be fixed.

I went on YouTube to see if there was any information other people had with their Keurig’s and lo and behold I found a video that helped guide me through the process of fixing it. Using a paper clip I was able to unclog the injector needle and then ran some water through it to do a deeper cleaning.

This is what’s good and right about the Internet. People providing solutions for other people when something is not working right. Now some solutions can lead to more problems but with enough research you can find a remedy for most things.

YouTube among other sites is a great way to find out the common experiences of other people who want to lend a hand. I think its valuable to have a resource at your fingertips that can help you through life. It’s an amazing thing to have technology like this. Lets hope it never falls into the hands of people who seek to do nefarious things.


Our New Keurig and Coffee Center

We won a Keurig coffee system from our chriopractor and its made our lives more caffeinated. This is a great way to brew individual servings of coffee. Yes the K-Cups are a bit pricey but if you look you can find some bargains. Today alone I have had 3 cups of coffee and I can’t say I am finished drinking it today. It’s been fun trying different blends and flavors. Soon we will slow down on the coffee because we have to sleep.