Peace, Joy and Grace


I think we all need more peace, joy and grace in our lives. Recognizing many are suffering so its hard to feel any peace, have any joy or experience grace in ones life. The chaos we are exposed to daily makes it hard to be positive when negative events surround us. Many want to hide from reality but its not the way to go though.

All we can do is keep our heads up and hope things will get better. Don’t let the drama of external things keep you from taking care of the important things internally. Work for peace in your lives, have some joy that can keep you going and experience the grace of forgiveness and mercy from a higher power or from others in your life.


Holy Extravagance, The Morning at Trinity United Methodist Church, Murfreesboro


What a blessing, this morning we were at Trinity UMC our church home in Murfreesboro where we were members from 2000-2004. We learned much about how the grace and joy that God gives is something to have thanks for. Having that Thanksgiving is a part of knowing that God is extravagant in his blessings. Those blessings should be shared with those who are poor and poor in spirit. As I think about what I have it makes me love God more. The grace given and offered to everyone is not done on the cheap. Being generous in spirit can be a way to show your love in a fantastic way. No matter what one goes through there is a creator who is there. Granted we don’t always feel it or see it but know that sometimes its that silence that can reveal much about who we are.

Friends, have peace today. In whatever your faith tradition embrace the gifts that you have and be extravagant in your gifts to others.