Elementary Season Finale…Amazing!


The season finale to Elementary was brilliant, amazing, awesome. The double life twist blew me away. Natalie Dormer was quite good as Irene Adler and the surprise to us all Moriarity. Joan Watson is as tough and smart as she looks. Johnny Lee Miller is just amazing as Sherlock Holmes and showed amazing range and talent in the episode. Last night’s episode was the best season finale I have seen in quite some time. Can’t wait til next season to see what happens. 



Elementary – Is an American take on the Sherlock Holmes story. Johnny Lee Miller stars as Sherlock Holmes and former Charlie’s Angel Lucy Liu portrays Dr. Joan Watson. I am going to watch this show with an open mind. Sherlock fans are used to Bennedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman portray the consummate contemporary take on the Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle mysteries and I think there will be something they will like about this series.