President Barack Obama Will Be in the Scenic City Tuesday; Visit Amazon Fulfillment Center – WDEF News 12


President Obama will fly on Tuesday to Chattanooga, where he’ll visit an Amazon fulfillment center, which packs and ships products to online purchasers.

President Barack Obama Will Be in the Scenic City Tuesday; Visit Amazon Fulfillment Center – WDEF News 12


Work Smart, Live Well – I spent the morning at Chattanooga’s First Things First taking a great course on how to get the career I want. There are a lot of things involved with preparing yourself to go out into the world of work. Its more than filling out resumes and going on interviews although you need to do that too. Learning about who you are as a person and finding out what you want to do is a big part of it. As human beings we are made to succeed. This is the first day of classes and there is more to learn. I will be blogging about the things I have learned so I can share this information with you.



After several months of being unemployed, I got a job! I will be working for a car dealership in customer relations doing sales followup. Its been a long time coming and I am happy to be getting back into the workforce. I thank God, my wife, family and friends for their support during this time. 

Job Search Update


Most of the morning I have spent scouring the job sites including the classifieds in the local newspaper. There are things I could do but I am burned out of being on the  phone for a living. Perhaps I will have to bite the bullet there. I haven’t given up.

I Went To A Job Fair Today


I went to a job fair at Brainerd Baptist Church this afternoon and submitted my resume to several local companies. Most of these companies have marketing, sales and service openings. Its been about 6 weeks since I was laid off and I am hoping to find something soon. Fortunately with unemployment and my severance there is not a dire emergency to find something. My mind and body are ready to return to work. We will see what comes from the job fair.