Star Trek: Into Darkness – A Really Great Ride


Well my friends, JJ Abrams does it again. I thought Star Trek: Into Darkness was a thrill ride that had a lot of nods to The Wrath of Khan, but  with his normal twist on the original. The whole crew was back and brought some great performances. Action, sadness, madness and love drove this second movie in the reboot. Friends. Benedict Cumberbatch was an awesome villain. Kirk and Spock’s relationship grew in this movie and there was a great message of courage and self sacrifice that everyone could grow from. I am glad we finally got to see the movie, Now we will have to see what’s next. Mr. Abrams has cemented himself as the new king of science fiction. He has another big movie coming up in a year or so.


JJ Abrams Directing Star Wars


Well now, this is a very interesting development. JJ Abrams directing Star Wars will be interesting. He is one of the greatest sci-fi storytellers of our generation. He did great things for Star Trek and he gave us “Lost”, “Alias”, “Fringe” and “Revolution” so he has the resume and qualifications to lead The Force into the future.

I am wondering if he will have Chewbacca in a hatch, entering a code so that an island won’t blow up….just something to ponder.