Things you can depend on




Apple trotting out a new version of their iPhone with accessories every year (well it seems like every year)

People waiting in line for days for said Apple devices in all sorts of weather

The sun rising, but that isn’t as exciting as shopping for apps on your new iPhone


Flappy Bird is the embodiment of our descent into madness | Mobile – CNET News


Flappy Bird didn’t come into my consiousness untill yesterday and today I have seen it mentioned in several locations on the web. It’s freaky how that happens. This seems to be a great commentary on how addictive this game can be. We all have our little addictions right?

Flappy Bird is the embodiment of our descent into madness | Mobile – CNET News

One Thing (Among Many) I’ve Noticed


One thing I have discovered, is that people on Tumblr and other places online hate change. When their user interface looks different all of a sudden they go into a tail spin. I get it, it can be startling and all that. One thing that technology is built on is change, innovation and keeping things fresh and interesting. Some folks are about keeping things the way they are but also they like shiny new TV’s and phones…talking about change. Friends, change is ever present. Hang on. It will be alright!

Camping Out…For A Phone


I like camping. Don’t do it enough though.

There is almost nothing I will camp out for. Think Black Friday door busters and things like that. Folks across the country were camping out overnight for the Apple iPhone 5s, they have done so for previous versions too.

It doesn’t make sense to put that much time into spending ones hard earned money on a device that will be upgraded in 6 months time. Apple knows how to make a big deal over their hardware and software.

Along with the 5s comes the multi colored 5c that offers a phone that more consumers can get their hands on.

The iPhone has some devotees and I get that, I guess. Sure there are some great features but really, is it worth the hassle?

Mobile Phone 40th Anniversary: What’s The Future Of The World’s Most Popular Gadget?


From The Huffington Post UK: Mobile phone technology has come a long way since the first mobile phone call was made 40 years ago today, changing life forever- but there is a lot more innovation to look forward to, according to one expert.

It’s amazing what we can do with our phones today. Our cell phones can give us the world and help us communicate in ways other than talking. Sometimes our phones can distract us and keep us from actually talking to one another. Our phones have in many ways become our brains since we store so much info on them too.

Mobile Phone 40th Anniversary: What’s The Future Of The World’s Most Popular Gadget?