The Need For Touch


Physical touch, for many is a great way to show love and care. Our bodies are wired for it. Something about the touch of a mother and father that soothes a baby. We feel secure in the touch of a lover or a friend. Touch can be sensual and part of the sexual experience.

In the book “The Five Love Languages” it talks about how touch can be a language that can bring great joy to some. Being touched can make some feel at ease. Its a great way to initiate intimacy. Physical contact is an acknowledgement that your spouse or partner is aware of your presence.

Some folks who feel alone in the world could use a hug. Others would enjoy a high-five. Its amazing how the physical touch can move people and make them feel better about themselves. However some folks aren’t keen on the touchy feely stuff so we have to be sensitive to that.

I am a hugger. People I have known for years I choose to hug but I admit they aren’t so sure about that. You have to be aware of personal boundaries though and it should be appropriate. But with that said touch can be a great experience if done right.