I feel like you can be inspirational without being preachy. Granted sometimes being preachy can be the only way to get through to someone (me included). As a life-long church goer I have been in worship services that inspire while some make one think. People get inspired by different sources and through different situations and that is good. Perhaps we need thought that is inspirational while being informative. Just a thought.


Me, Inspirational….Are you sure?


A friend on Facebook called me inspirational in relation to my enthusiasm to my job. I have never been called inspirational before and I am not certain I am worthy to be called that. Yes I am a positive person but I also have my moments when I feel the blues and I am a little pessimistic. Everyone needs balance but when I am not down I choose to be up.

Ones attitude can impact their altitude I heard once. Maybe that person is on to something. Lets live life where you make it easy for yourself and others. I hope to inspire others while remaining humble and grounded. No need getting a big head.