Bad News


Sometimes you should stay off line and not turn the TV on to avoid the bad news in the world today. Everyone has something they dread happening so avoiding unpleasant information is something they work hard at. Everyone wants to stay clear of the source of our troubles. Everyone wants to keep the horrible headlines at bay and that includes me too.


Yahoo, It’s Back


I’m digging Yahoo again. They have some killer apps on Android and iPhone. Their website is a very visited site on the Web too. They also own Tumblr which has been a good thing so far. As a news and all-round information portal its got its groove back. Everything old is new again so it seems. I like what Marissa Mayer is doing there. Yahoooo!

Serious Blogging


I like to have fun while blogging, its cool to have a good time blogging in community. However, I have a serious side and my blog at times will be newsy and more information driven. A part of my philosophy is to be relevant and to post about the events of the day. Current issues that are in the news and the blogosphere are important things to me as a blogger. I am a news junkie and there is a lot going on in the world that affects us all and I want to share it with you.

To me what happens in the world is interesting. There is drama of all sorts in reality. Sometimes you can’t escape from the situation of the world that surrounds you. I guess as I get older my blog posts will have a more serious tone. Friends I need you to remind me of the fun side of blogging where you find the fandoms and the funny stories people like to share. 

Real Life Situations


Voting, marriage, health care and the like are serious things that impact everyone. I think its great to see so many people blogging on these issues that are vital to our nation. We need to be concerned what happens in the real world, its a part of growing up.

The News of The Day


Its been a pretty busy day in the news. With a suspect on the loose in Los Angeles to a major winter storm in the northeast, not to mention perpetual events in the nations Capital its been a interesting few days. Keeping up with current events is something I have always tried to do. The news of the day can give us perspective on events that shape our lives. No matter who you are, where you live things happening around the world matter and can impact our lives. News is important and can make you smart in front of your friends and neighbors.

I Am A News Junkie


From way back I have been a news junkie. I love breaking news and information. Something about being in-the-know that has always made me feel good. My teachers have always said when they wanted to know about current events they would come to me. Keeping up with the important things in our world gives you some power and the ability to make informed decisions. I have enjoyed all the political discussion going on with the elections looming. The weather situation in the mid-Atlantic has me wanting as much info as I can get. News is important and my blog will be used as a way to help all my friends stay informed.