Rambling About Being An Individual


I want to be myself and to be liked. Sometimes I wonder if that is possible. Can you be the person you are at work, home, community. People who march to the beat of their own drummer face a world that wants people to be a certain way or else they are looked at funny. Unfortunately individuals pay the price for just wanting to be genuine. Or at least I think so.


Being Yourself, Another Look At That


Being yourself is a challenge. I think the idea of individuality is a great one, the world needs people of all stripes to make it go around. How can we be ourselves without paying some sort of price, that is a difficult proposal. There are places where you have to tow-the-line and emulate how others behave such as work and some organizations one belongs to. However there are places where you can let your freak and geek flags fly.

It is sad that some folks have a problem with unconventional people. What those misfit folks bring the world is a spirit that embraces original thoughts and ideas. They are people who have hearts and minds that can make our world a better place. I believe that God has created us in His own image and that image can be varied and diverse where no two people are the same or think alike and that is a good thing.

Go Your Own Way


Being yourself can be a challenge and having different views than many of your friends can be hard. When you “go your own way” as Fleetwood Mac once sang there can be times when you feel alone but then there comes people who are like minded and have the same thoughts you do. I am a “blue dot” in a “red state” and a moderate/left leaning Christian too so that is kind of weird in the “Bible Belt” too. For me going with the crowd has not been my style but you know that leaves one out in the cold sometimes. I cherish all those who are like me and I offer my friendship to those who are different. I take my queues from Jesus who used misfits and common folks of society to do amazing things in the world. 

Peace Isn’t Easy


Peace is something everyone wants. Its peace in our hearts and minds, homes, neighborhoods, community, country and the world. For us to have peace it sometimes requires a fight for it. How we go about it is sometimes individual and sometimes corporate. From the our own streets and roads to places like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and more we all have to want weapons of mass destruction to be put down so that we can live free of conflict. Peace begins with the individual and it ripples out like water. It requires much work and some sacrifice. Friends lets learn to love and learn to live with one another in a peace that goes beyond all understanding. I pray to God for us all to have peace and love universally.