We live in a land of people who have different backgrounds. Many of those people took a chance on this country and came here to make their lives and the lives of their families better. Some people came to this country without proper documentation. Those people follow in the footsteps of people throughout our history. Giving those people a second chance to make things right is a good thing for them and their families. I don’t want to get political but perhaps more action could have been done to have a lasting solution. We need to make immigration work for everyone. Immigrants are people and they should be treated with dignity. Those who do nefarious things who are here under suspicious circumstances should be expelled. This a world that needs people who will love greatly and recognize that we are all God’s children no matter where we come from.


Children Of The World


May the children of the world never be pawns in the political games of their countries. From the Middle East to The Americas we see stories of children who are suffering, dying, leaving their families. God be with them and may their be peace on earth. Protecting the children of the world so they can realize the opportunities of tomorrow is important.