From Pain to Change


It’s OK to be frustrated, to hurt, to feel pain…then there comes a time when you turn those feelings and emotions around to create lasting, positive change in your life. Don’t be mired in life’s hurts and turmoil because it’s not how we were designed to live. You have to move forward and do things differently. There are people out there who are doing amazing things because they don’t want others to experience what they went through. Today’s pain can be the call to change tomorrow.


Tuesday’s are Challenging


It seems that there have been a lot of people challenged today. In my house we have been tested too on this project we are working on. We are all frustrated and frazzled. All I can say is we are in it together and to hang in there (sorry to be cliche’) but words can sometimes be the only thing you can say or do. Hard work, hard lives, hard times are felt by everyone. Be strong good people.