I Am Humble and I Am Contrite When Needed


Humility is a important character trait to have. Being contrite can help rebuild bridges that have caught fire through my own verbal mistakes. Admitting when one has done wrong is something I don’t have a problem doing. When there have been hurt feelings I will say sorry and I will want to try to reconcile with the persons I have offended. Never fear that when I have done somebody wrong I do what…

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A Humble Ride


Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a Donkey…In modern day it might be a old pickup truck. Many of us ride around in basic, reliable transportation to get us to where we need to be. Some just use the feet their creator gave them. There are some folks who want a jet airliner or a really fancy car. If we lived our lives more simply perhaps we would have less stress in our lives. We must be mindful that humility is a treasured thing. Just food for thought.



If being a “devout” Christian means praying after a touchdown in a football game or calling people out on their sins while ignoring yours then I don’t know if I wanna be on that team. 

What happened to love, humility and kindness? Really I am tired of my faith being hijacked by people who think a Christian has to bash people. I am just frustrated. 

You can be a devout Christian and be a liberal too. It’s time to think different.