Being a believer out of your box


I love the believer who seeks to expand their understanding of their faith by engaging in fellowship with those who don’t believe and those who are from another faith. In as much as we are to be among the divine we also should remember we are very human and that is one fact that will never change. 


Be myself, not my age


I’m almost 45 years old and I want to be myself and not my age. There’s much to learn from the experiences of people of all ages and places in the world. I am glad to have many younger friends. Age doesn’t have to be a thing that divides people, it can bring us together. It’s good to share your life experiences and be informed by what others have gone through. Being open to such things can help you be a better person.



My picture of the two cats on my truck from this morning made a impact on me. Those cats live in a trailer community across the street, they have a place to go home to. So many animals don’t have a place or a space or people to call their own. Humans are the same way. Some people like animals are strays in the world.

Dogs and cats and people walk the same streets where they don’t have much of anything in the world except their wits and the desire to survive. People strays are in search of home for themselves and maybe their families. In a world full of resources and riches no one should go it alone or go without. The one thing that should bring us together is to help our friends and neighbors find themselves and may they never be strays.