Downton Abbey Season 4 Finale Tonight!

It’s hard to believe its the end of another season of Downton Abbey. I hope its less shocking than last seasons finale. Now we wait for next season which should debut in the winter of 2015.


Doctor Who -Downton Abbey Common Bond

Hugh Bonneville who plays Robert Crawley on “Downton Abbey” was a pirate captain on “Doctor Who”. 

Iain Glen who played Octavian in “The Time of Angels” and “Flesh and Stone” in “Doctor Who” played Sir Richard Carlisle in “Downton Abbey”. 

My wife has a theory there is a shortage of actors in England so there are a lot of common bonds like this. Its cool to realize that on either show you have seen that actor before on something you like. 


From Time To Time: I will give you 6 good reasons to see this movie; ITV/PBS “Downton Abbey’s” Dame Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville, Allen Leech, David Robb, Christine Lohr and Julian Fellowes. A bonus reason is Dominic West from BBC’s “The Hour” and Timothy Spall from “Harry Potter”

Its about a young man who goes to visit his grandmother’s estate during World War Two and things in the house take him back to earlier times in the history of the family. It’s a good flick.

It’s like this movie was a test film for a good number of the Downton Abbey cast.


From “Downton” to “The Doctor” – Hugh Bonneville is a great actor who has been in two of my favorite British TV shows “Downton Abbey” as Lord Robert Crawley and he played a pirate in “Doctor Who” as Captain Henry Avery. .