Hospitality For Everyone.


Hospitality is the practice of God’s welcome by reaching across difference to participate in God’s actions bringing justice and healing to our world in crisis…Letty M Russell 

Friends, being welcoming is important. Being a friend means being willing to put aside some differences to get to know someone as a person. We are all in need of being connected as neighbors in community. People who seek to live in such ways are what make the world better. Hospitality is important. Making people feel comfortable, wanted and appreciated would help the world be a better place. A church, a home, a hotel, a restaurant all are places that being kind and welcoming are expected. As a blogger I hope to emulate that here. Hello, I am Tony, its nice to have you here.


Seeing God


People fail to see God when His people aren’t welcoming and inclusive. All they seem to see is a group of people who like the status quo and aren’t interested in having new people in the mix. I think churches and civilizations have learned the hard way when you fail to share the love of God in a way that makes them feel needed and wanted. Hospitality is important my friends.

A Fellow Bloggers Meal


I would cook spaghetti. Yep a big bowl of spaghetti, heavy on the sauce too. There would be lots of parmesan cheese to make it extra good. Oh yeah a side of garlic bread too. Maybe a salad to go with it so we can get our fiber in, served with be beverage of your choice.

Why spaghetti? well its kind of a meal that is comforting and resembles the Internet with all those strands of pasta going in all directions. It also feeds a lot of people too.

We are having spaghetti tonight for dinner, so this got me thinking about what I would serve you. Enjoy your dinner tonight whatever it may be and keep on blogging fellow nerds.