My Hope for 2015


My hope for 2015 is that people will be able to think for themselves. It’s important that we won’t be scared of the world around us. For those who are believers in Jesus that being paranoid, scared and afraid of those who are different just isn’t what He had in mind.




Yesterday at church I led a discussion in my Sunday school class about hope. It is defined as the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. We can all agree that hope is one of those universal things that all people have. Sometimes we feel hopeless when things are dire and we can’t see something good happening for us. 

Someone once said that hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier. We all feel that sense of doubt when we really want something to work out for us. Our life’s situations rely upon a great deal of hope. Whatever we are working for that requires us to put our whole self into relies on a sense of hope that it will be accepted and appreciated by those who we value the most. 

In times of trials and tribulations we have to have hope. Sometimes in adversity it’s all you have. In the book of Psalms it says Lord, you know the hopes of the helpless. Surely you will hear their cries and comfort them. No matter what your faith might be this can be assuring. We all feel helpless at times and we want to know that someone is looking out for us. 

Martin Luther once said everything that is done in the world is done by hope. I think he is on to something there. People have a need to feel secure in the knowledge that things will work out for them, but in times when it doesn’t having assurance that there will be other days and other opportunities to get things right.

Hope can be like a rope, we all hang onto it in our lives. My friends may we all have hope that is ever present and very much alive. 



Hope is something everyone has. We all hope for things that have yet to occur. The hard part is having patience and striving to reach for that prize that awaits. You want to press on, reach ahead and never take a step back. Moving forward in hope that goal is reached.

For a believer in Christ that goal is about a relationship with God and how our lives are being changed because of Him.

Hope is a powerful thing, it will keep us going and it can tell someone who we are. I have hope because of my faith in God. I respect other sources of hope but find that the divine is for me.

I hope you all have hope but when life is bleak find someone to hold close to. God bless you all.

In The Right Spot


Sometimes there are situations in life that seem dire and makes you wonder why me. Many people are in a predicament that actually provides them with a life opportunity. Some people will question their situation and curse it but in reality its setting them up for some good things. Life can seem rough and you feel alone and persecuted but your abilities can help save you from the reality you find yourself in. With time and patience you could realize you are about to have the position of your dreams. Sometimes it requires some hope and faith. You just have to find yourself in the right spot although it doesn’t seem like it at the time. 

Drugs, Just Say No


News that Cory Monteith died of a overdose of heroin and alcohol came to a surprise to many. Its another sad story of how drugs have claimed the life of another talented human being. The list of people who have died because of an overdose is long. Names like Belushi, Jackson, Joplin and more are tragic examples of what illegal drugs will do to a person.

The reasons for using these drugs is personal and wide. From deep depression to wanting to escape life. Drugs are even used recreationally by people who want to just get high. Some just want to experiment and see what it does to them.

I cannot begin to imagine the pain and suffering that those who use drugs feel. However I can say there is an alternative the drug scene that seems to be lingering.

Get help my friends, seek out people who can help you cope in a real way. You don’t need the drugs to keep you going. Sometimes a mechanical approach to making your life better can have a greater impact than a chemical solution.

Nancy Reagan back in the 1980’s was a leader in the era’s “drug war” the slogan “Just Say No” sounds so cliche and simple today but perhaps its one that everyone needs. Saying to the world I am going to get help from my community is a great step there. Having coping skills can save your life in so many ways. There are professionals and treatment cente’s that are available. The person who wants to end their life might be the one who could cure cancer, AIDS or lead the new tech race.

Life is worth the living, have hope, lean upon a rock who won’t steer you wrong. Seek peace and love in your life. Someone wants to care about you.