My picture of the two cats on my truck from this morning made a impact on me. Those cats live in a trailer community across the street, they have a place to go home to. So many animals don’t have a place or a space or people to call their own. Humans are the same way. Some people like animals are strays in the world.

Dogs and cats and people walk the same streets where they don’t have much of anything in the world except their wits and the desire to survive. People strays are in search of home for themselves and maybe their families. In a world full of resources and riches no one should go it alone or go without. The one thing that should bring us together is to help our friends and neighbors find themselves and may they never be strays.


Good News From Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga


Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga helps families in crisis that have become homeless. It currently offers four programs to help prevent, reduce, and end homelessness and serve more homeless and near-homeless families. Check out our latest newsletter

Good News From Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga

The HGTV Dream House…Not For Everyone


Watching the HGTV Dream House 2014, like I do most New Years Day and I am kind of conflicted. It’s a fabulous property but having volunteered with a local non profit that helps families in crisis related to being homeless it makes me sad how much excess there is in the world. I am blessed to have the home I have but looking at the house they are giving away it just seems to be wrong. Yes I know I am a bleeding heart and proud of it.

My First Shift At Family Promise


Today was my first shift at Family Promise, a local non-profit that works with families in crisis and transition. I was a receptionist today and I enjoyed answering phones and welcoming people who are families in residence. I will also be doing some social media for the organization too.

These families have a day center where they hang out with their kids, do laundry, prepare meals and more. At night they relocate to area houses of worship to have dinner, fellowship and get a good nights rest. 

In just one afternoon I have learned to appreciate the stability of my life and the roof over my head. Homeless families deal face uncertainty. Their lives are spent looking for work, taking care of their kids and trying to have the most normal life they can. Many of these folks don’t have cell phones so taking care of business can be challenging. 

I pray for these folks. They have it rough at times. But with the help of God, area houses of worship, the staff and volunteers of Family Promise their future looks better.