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Parents Donate Wedding Reception to Homeless After Daughter Backs Out


Carol Fowler says she was fully prepared to lose the deposits she and her husband Willie put down on a lavish reception for their daughter’s abruptly cancelled wedding.

(My Take: This is making the best use of resources after a bad situation. Way to go parents!)

Parents Donate Wedding Reception to Homeless After Daughter Backs Out

Homeless Veterans A Serious Situation


We are watching an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition where they are helping to build a new home and resource center for homeless veterans in North Carolina. The nature of what a veteran of done is to serve and protect our communities and nation. Many of our soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and coasties have left families behind to go on active duty in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s surprising how many of our veterans become homeless after their service is done. We have an obligation to provide for them and to take care of those folks both male and female to assure they have a place to live for the rest of their lives. A statistic I heard recently is that the number of unemployed veterans are on the rise because some of their skills won’t translate to the private sector. Training and education is a must but sometimes veterans need help to get plugged into resources to help them. We need to be sure that those who have served and their families are cared for the rest of their lives. No vet should ever go without.