A Real Hero


Spends years in jail because he is fighting for the rights of all his people. A real hero goes into a burning building to save lives. They do things for the world and get little fanfare. Heroes sometimes aren’t in an animated gif on a blogging site. It’s a teacher in a school that many don’t want to be assigned to. That cop walking a beat to keep you safe at night. A real hero is the person in your neighborhood who helps you in a pinch. Rarely do heroes wear capes. 

Just reflecting on what a real hero is. 


Happy Veterans Day, Thank You For Your Service


A veteran is a person who made the choice to give themselves to the service of our country. They gave themselves body and soul to prepare to defend our the nation. Men and women from all walks of life for generations have made the sacrifice to secure the freedom of their family and friends. Putting on the uniform of ones nation is one of the greatest things one can do.

The veteran is a noble warrior who fights for peace wherever duty calls. They love their country, they will do anything for it. Their families sacrifice too by sending their loved one into harms way. When they return they have to heal and recover from the wounds both emotional and physical. Veterans are real heroes, real people all deserving of thanks from a grateful nation. 

Fallen Heroes


When our heroes fall from grace its like innocence has died a little. People who we looked up to for their fetes of strength and skill have disappointed us so many times. Our seemingly unlimited adoration to these people has been challenged by their desire to get ahead and perform at the highest levels while cheating in the process. Athletes, actors, performers, politicians and the like will let us down time and time again. Perhaps our definition of hero needs to change. Maybe its time to examine who we put on a pedistal. Every era has had its hero from the culture of the day. Some heroes have endured while others have just fallen away. Its truly sad. Tonight Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees has a tarnished personal reputation as it comes to baseball. For me, my heroes are my wife, my family, my elders, people in my church and others in my community. To me being a hero is about respect and humility. For some their hero took a fall.

Thank Real Heroes Today


Today is the anniversary of The Attack on Pearl Harbor which happened 71 years ago. Everyone should thank those heroes who were there and all who have stood on the battlefields throughout history. Men and women who put on the uniform of their nations armed forces are in my opinion are real heroes. Everyone should be fans of soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coasties. We are all in debt for those who have paid the price for our continued freedom. I thank my dad, granddad, uncle, father-in-law and others who have served us all.