Season of the blues


Fall is a great season. But people can find things to be tough with holidays and the change of weather. Be sure to have people you can rely on to help. If you need assistance there are faith based services as well as local resources available to lend a hand. What ever you are going through reach out and get help.
Be strong, have courage, love one another.


The mimosa tree was the theme of my pastor’s sermon in church on Sunday. Rev. Lyle talked about him being a boy and climbing a mimosa tree along a fence row and him getting stuck up in it often. He would call out to his dad for help to get him out on multiple occasions. Its like when we get in trouble and cry out to God to help get us out of a jam. I will never think about a mimosa tree in the same way again.

Pitching In


There is a saying many hands make light work. If everyone in a community will come together to do its work imagine what a difference that will make. So many places have things that need to be done but not a lot of people to do the work. Just think if we all would step up to achieve good things we could make that change. Its up to all of us to be the change we want to see.

Quiet Time, A Call For Help.


I have started doing a quiet time of meditation and reflection. Some folks like to call it a morning devotion with God. No matter what you call it, God’s people need to shut up so he can talk to them. In life we all need to slow down and have a time of communing with our creator. God doesn’t have a Facebook page, a Twitter account or a Tumblr blog so we have to read scriptures, devotional books, listen to music and just be still and know  He’s there.

This morning’s reading talked about asking God for help. For many admitting they aren’t able to do everything themselves is hard. So many find themselves in bad situations. One thing I have learned today is that our predicaments are not the same. But that’s OK because God can help in so many different ways. Whether it be sickness, imprisonment, we are lost on the highway or we are caught in a storm.

When we get help and this goes for anyone who give it we gotta say thanks. Giving credit to the person who assisted us is the right thing to do. Telling others about our rescue is a good thing too. It will let them know where they can call for help.

Psalm 107:1 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;his love endures forever.

(Note: I share my faith in such a way to inform, never to beat anyone over the head with it. Each person must make their own decision about spiritual and religious matters.)