Those who are pro-life should be prepared to be that from womb to tomb. It means the sanctity of life should be a lifetime thing where when a person is born they will have access to healthcare and other services to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. We should take care of ourselves and each other. We are all in this together right?


Flu Shots, I Am Getting Mine Today, You Should Think About It Too


If you haven’t gotten a flu shot, do so. I am getting one today. Most health insurance policies cover it and if not then there affordable options at your doctors office and pharmacies. Locally in Chattanooga the Hamilton County Health department is giving them away free.

There have been stories of folks dying of a particular strain of the virus. Better safe than sorry.


David Karp, Tumblr’s founder was on CBS This Morning talking about healthcare issues and the companies use of Sherpaa. Tumblr like most companies spend hundreds of dollars per employee for healthcare. It was great to see Tumblr featured as context for such a important story.

The Big “D” & Me…Diabetes That Is


Today I was officially diagnosed as having diabetes by my physician. I had been seeing a nurse practitioner at work who sent blood work to a lab and revealed a high glucose level. At home my glucose levels were high on a daily basis too. So after a visit to the doctor who looked at all the evidence I got official confirmation about this.

With any diagnosis like this it requires changes and commitments. Altering my diet to eat healthy is a first start then exercise and of course medication. The picture on the left shows my new testing meter and a injection pen that will dispense medication to help my body use insulin better. I have to be committed to these changes because if you don’t manage it well it will shorten your lifespan. Diabetes can change your whole body chemistry and it requires daily care.

According to the American Diabetes Association there are 25.8 million people in the United States, or 8.3% of the population, who have diabetes. So I can say I am now a statistic but this to me is not a death sentence but its a second chance to have a better lifestyle. Keeping a positive outlook is a good thing when dealing with anything in life. I am ready to start this journey with my wife who has been diabetic for several years. Today is the first day of a new life.