Size Isn’t Everything


I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We live in a world where appearance is a big deal, unfortunately. Whether it be male or female, health is important and that ones size does not reflect ones soul or value. Our bodies are temples and there is a heart and soul in there who needs love and appreciation. Weight or lack thereof is not a measure of quality in a person. Size isn’t everything nor should it be the only thing.




I am a snorer. My snoring at night can be a problem for those in my house and that is not good. Some nights I snore louder than others and at times I don’t snore at all. There are some remedies I have researched to help alleviate the problem. Hydration, no alcohol, pillow adjustment, weight loss, sleeping on my side and even a body pillow can help it out.

At some point I will have to have a sleep study done and a CPAP machine might be needed. Until then any other suggestions to keep my snoring at bay would be good. What do you recommend?

It’s Okay


It’s Okay to share when your heart, soul and emotions are wounded. We have come a long way but there’s a sigma still attached to depression and the like. People need to know that they are loved no matter what their situation is. Everyone is human and is in need of love and tenderness. The way to understanding is sharing your cares to people who need to know and can help. It’s okay to hurt its okay to be vulnerable.

Flu Shots, I Am Getting Mine Today, You Should Think About It Too


If you haven’t gotten a flu shot, do so. I am getting one today. Most health insurance policies cover it and if not then there affordable options at your doctors office and pharmacies. Locally in Chattanooga the Hamilton County Health department is giving them away free.

There have been stories of folks dying of a particular strain of the virus. Better safe than sorry.

The Thing About Yoga


On Thursdays I do a Yoga class at my church (yes Yoga in a church) and it has helped me stretch and get some exercise. There is something about clearing your head and letting someone else have control. Of course it takes you some time to get used to the practice of it all. As a believer in Christ it’s much the same thing. Clearing my heart and head and letting Him in to help me go through the exercise that is life can make me a better person. Being stretched in faith is like being stretched in Yoga, there are some challenges. However when you get the hang of it your life can change for the better. So Yoga at Church isn’t such a bad thing.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – This dreaded disease has impacted members of my family. My mother-in-law and my wife’s aunt have both had breast cancer and survived. Its a condition that impacts women as well as men. God bless those who are living with this form of cancer.