Tumblr Should Be Different


Why do people have to be so mean…in life and online. I have never gotten that. A friend of mine made an important statement about how some folks can be venomous and toxic here. This is Tumblr and perhaps it should be different than other platforms. Whether it be a public post or a anonymous comment people need to check themselves before they put out hate and other mean things. Behind every blog you see here is a real person who is going through something. Granted some use this as their only platform of expression but even those folks need help beyond a social media platform. We are all in this together. Be kind, its a great thing to do.


A Few Words On Sarcasm


Sometimes intense, biting sarcasm can reveal a very dark soul in people. It’s sad and comes across as mean and spiteful. I appreciate satire and some sarcasm as ways of delivering a serious message in a humorous way but it can go too far. Grace and some understanding would go a long way in fostering a better world. Perhaps we should all lighten up and not take things so seriously that we lose ourselves.

Hate Speech


Satire and joking is one thing but when that turns into poisonous, hate filled comments about people one does not know or understands then that’s another thing. If one cannot say something positive or uplifting to and about someone that goes above what free speech is to be intended for, give up your social media accounts, delete your blogs and just shut up. There are a lot of struggling people out there who are suffering with low self esteem and just trying to make it day to day. Leaving comments that hurt people doesn’t make you smart it makes you a mean bully.

The Thing About Love and Hate


Love and Hate, at least to me are the two most powerful words in the world. The emotions behind the words can do amazing things. We have seen examples of what love and hate will do to people and our world.

Love according to Huey Lewis and the News is a powerful thing that will make a man weep and make another man sing love can make a person do amazing things. Hate on the other hand can make a person do very bad things.

Many times he will do those things on behalf the things he loves. We all have a choice to love and a choice to hate. People have the capacity to love and hate at the drop of a hat. We all must decide for ourselves which we want to do. Love and hate are choices we all make daily. It takes more of us to love than it does to hate something. Hate takes no courage when you think about it. 

Showing love is the greatest thing we can do for each other and our world. Frankly we need less hate, life is too short good people.