All we are saying is give peace a chance


John Lennon remains a wise man beyond his time. Give peace a chance.

I hate conflict…I realize its necessary at times but to tell you the truth I hate to fight with anyone. I feel awful in the process. When I have a fight with anyone it shatters me. When my friends fight it can be just as bad. You don’t want to pick a side. 

The world has is scarred enough from battles and fighting. Lets drop our arms, temper our hearts and learn to love one another. Think twice before speaking or posting.

Peace above all. May you have the peace of God or your higher power. 


May there be peace on Earth. In our nations, communities and in our hearts. Friends lets learn to get along with one another and learn to understand each other. There are places where there is fighting and violence from Syria to the streets of our cities. People are fighting demons that have them hanging by a thread. Families are in turmoil and fractured. Lets choose another path, a better way. May the peace of God be with each of you.