Happy Halloween Fellow Whovians!

Doctor Who has some of the most amazingly scary monsters and villains. From weeping angels, werewolves, vampires in Venice to the Daleks you can find plenty to be scared about on that show. 


Halloween From Yesteryear

These costumes are what kids wore back in the day. Some homemade, some store bought. All of them bring back memories. 


Charlie Brown and Fat Albert are both great animated shows from my childhood. It wasn’t Halloween without the “Great Pumpkin”. This makes me miss those days.


Halloween Is Tomorrow!

There will be special posts about Halloween 2013 on my blog tomorrow. I have loaded up the queue with loads of new and archived posts about the spookiest day of the year. You will see informative and entertaining articles as well as a trip down memory lane. Its going to be a fun time of celebrating this fun holiday. 



Holiday Appropriate Displays

The next holiday is Halloween and these are appropriate displays. Pumpkin treats and Halloween ghouls, spider webs, tombstones and the like. The next holiday is Thanksgiving. After that the season of Advent and then Christmas. Everything in its order and place please merchandisers. 

Commentary for October 1, 2013


Maybe the scariest haunted house is the US Capitol Building and the ghouls inside are members of congress. I am one of those liberals your mom told you about and I am discouraged about what’s happening on The Hill. We need to support one another and pray that our leaders will come together. The good news of the day is that the Sun came out, the calendar changed and God is still good. Hang on brothers and sisters.


Welcome October 2013

On this first day of October 2013 we feel the cool winds of change upon us. We also know our Government has shut down and there is a new reality that has us concerned. Lets hope for better days ahead. This is a month of changing colors, cooler days and nights also Halloween and candy corn; so there are some good things about this time of year. Let’s keep the faith.