Hallmark TV


Most folks in know about Hallmark Cards. You have been given one or two for your birthday, the holidays and other special occasions. One thing I love about Hallmark is they capture the right sentiment and feeling in everything they do. They have stores full of merchandise that tugs at your heart strings.

Well they also have a cable TV network featuring original productions that know how to touch the sentimental, sappy side that is me. Their movies and Hallmark Hall of Fame productions are some of my favorite things on TV. Hallmark Channel has a great way of programing and pulling the emotions of its viewers.

There is something decent and beautiful about these productions they have produced for years. Its about family and making emotional connections with the audience. They have taken the concept of a greeting card and put it into quality dramatic presentations.


The Hallmark Hall of Fame – I love these movies they show on TV a couple times a year. Within these movies they show Hallmark greeting card commercials which warm my heart and make me a little sentimental and emotional. I am a softy in case you didn’t know. This year’s movie is “Christmas With Holly”. But the one we own and watch yearly is “Fallen Angel” with Gary Sinise.