Grieving Online


Grieving is a highly personal thing. It shouldn’t be cliche. High sensitivity should be exercised when comforting a person or a family who are in mourning. So how do we share our grief online?

My personal experience is that I have written plenty of posts about people and pets who have died. Its important to have an outlet for your grief and blogging is an appropriate place to do it. There is a community of people who have gone through the loss of important people and things in life. Sharing our experiences with important people in all forms of media can keep your loved ones alive in heart and mind.

Tragedy is a part of life.

People have seasons of life, a time to be born and a time to die. I think that sharing those seasons from the time of birth through death helps reveal the best and sometimes worst about who we are. But its that grief that makes us human and the fact that blogger’s have a way to share it can be a comfort to everyone that we are not alone. No one has to go through life changing events without the care of people. No one should go it alone.