Blog Changes


I changed the color scheme of my blog and added a couple of pages. The color I chose was TARDIS blue from the TV show “Doctor Who” and made the background 100% black. I have added a couple more stories per page. There is also a new blog graphic on the sidebar at the top. I hope you like these changes and that it will be easy on the eyes.


Original Blogging vs. Re-Blogging


I have grown to like the tumblr. platform for a lot of reasons. There is a multimedia approach here that lets you post text, pix, tunes and video.

I Re-Blog just like the next tumblr. user however I do like to post original content. IThere are many Pictures and animated .gifs that are very creative but there seems to be a lot of them being re-posted from one person to another. This is not a criticism but just an observation. Fresh, original content is a must to keep tumblr. going.

It’s my hope that you find me interesting. Yes much of what I post is faith/religion based but that is just one dimension to me. I like the sci-fi, TV, geek and nerd stuff that I see here. I encourage everyone to keep on blogging.