The Glee Finale


Finale is the end and this last episode of Glee was moving. It captured the spirit of the show in the early years. Honoring Mr. Shue and Finn Hudson was a nice touch.

This show did a lot to make show choir cool and to promote acceptance of those who are different, unique, talented in their own way. Let’s see if there will be another show like it. Who knows.


Farewell To Glee –  We say goodbye to this show that inspired, entertained and sometimes frustrated. I liked this show for the first few seasons but I think it reached a point where it was about figuring out what to do next after the cast started getting older. The music was great throughout its run. For me their cover of the Journey song “Don’t Stop Believin’” remains its best performance. This show I think will have lasting power in the viewers that it impacted the most and that is the people on the fringes and those who should be and don’t know it. 

Glee @ 100


Watching the 100th episode of Glee. This is something. Reunions can be great but this is just strange. A trip down memory lane can be wonderful but this is weird.

When Should A TV Show Call It Quits?


Everything has a ending. Life and TV shows especially. When should a beloved TV show call it quits? Some shows languish on into something you can’t recognize or enjoy. Others still enjoy good story lines and creative development so they go out while they are on top. In life its good to leave before you wear out your welcome…sometimes its the same rule for TV shows.

A Fandom Call To Action


If people in fandoms would donate their time to local organizations that need help they could be real superheroes. Just think of all the good you could do. It would be a Supernatural way to heal the world like The Doctor and its no Sherlock mystery that it would change the Community and the world. Think of it as Cosplay for a cause. People of the world would sing with Glee your praises.