Martin and Zimmerman


George Zimmerman has been on trial in Sanford, Florida for the murder of Trayvon Martin. As we know Zimmerman, a Neighborhood Watch volunteer has admitted to this crime. A jury now has the fate of Zimmerman in its hands and they will release a verdict that will be controversial either way. 

My opinion is that Zimmerman should have been just watching. Martin perhaps should have just stayed home. But that simplifies the issue too much. All Martin was doing was going to a local convenience store to get candy and a drink. Why Zimmerman thought it would be a good idea to shoot this 17 year old I don’t know. 

Racism seems to be a issue in this case. The killing of a young black man seemingly minding his own business is something not lost on anyone. A zealous but well meaning man thinking he was protecting his neighborhood has started a conversation on profiling and maybe the thought that prejudice is not dead yeat.

But on the other hand it could be a man just wanting to do what he thought was right and it just happens that Martin did something to provoke Zimmerman. In this case was George right in pulling the trigger, why did he have to fire his gun, would a call to 911 have been sufficient?That is the question at hand here why did this thing even have to happen at all. 

I don’t know all the details but I feel this is a historic case that will have implications on race relations all across Florida and the rest of the country. We must sympathize for Martin’s parents and family. Also we must have a little grace for Zimmerman. More violence will not bring Martin back and it won’t mean that we can turn back the clock. 

Lets see what happens. I pray for peace in that town, the nation and that may this verdict be a just one.