Generation to Generation


There comes a time when the youth of a society must step up to make a contribution. As some generations age they aren’t able to do the same things they could when they were younger. It’s also important for previous generations to mentor the youth of the day to prepare them to take charge and do good things in the world. The contributions of all generations should be honored and appreciated. There comes a time to pass the torch from one generation to another so the work of community will continue.




It’s interesting to hear what people of another generation think and say about things today. Their experiences and understanding of the world is very different than mine. Sometimes its easy to scoff at them for not knowing what the latest thing is but sometimes its nice to be rooted in lasting things. However to remain relevant and in tune with our current life it requires educating yourself and being aware of what’s going on in the here and now. It sometimes comes down to being yourself and being comfortable in that.