Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture

This is a book I have been reading and its a great collection of wisdom for geeks and nerds everywhere. A follower asked me about this book and I wanted to share it with everyone. Get it on


Welcome To You All


Welcome fellow Whovians, Geeks and Nerds to my blog. Lets enjoy this weekend together. Enjoy your visit. 




My blog is one where people are affirmed for who they are. I believe God loves everyone despite what you have heard to the contrary. Everyone has grace here. 


This week belongs to the nerds and geeks.

Let your geek flag fly my friends. Nerdfighters lets hear it from you friends.

Two of our favorite franchises Doctor Who and The Hunger Games are having a big weekend.

Lets do this up big time. Celebrate who we are and remind the world the Geek Shall Inherit The Earth!


A Major Weekend In The World of Sci-Fi – Doctor Who and Catching Fire

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary is Saturday and the US premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is Friday. We should see the fandoms and the cosplay community having a glorious time. Its good to be a geek this weekend. What amazing times we live in to enjoy amazing storytelling. 

Nerds/Geeks Can Enjoy Sports Too


I am a believer that Nerds/Geeks can enjoy sports too. Its the thrill of human competition and there’s lots of sociology, physics, physical science and fun to be had. Just look at the places where sports takes place, arenas and stadiums are full of architecture, design, art and organization. Much of what you see at a sporting event takes place because of technology and old fashioned tradition. My wife has a great point about statistics too…that’s math and patterns folks. So get your geek on and cheer for the home team. 

Instant Inquiry


When it comes to being a fan of something fangirls are the tops in all out support of the stuff they like. With that being said what about fanboys? Are they as giddy? What if you are a dude who is more excited about their stuff than lets say their gender peers? Can you be a male “fangirl”?