Nerd Corner Upgrade Complete


I finished the upgrade to the desktop (which is really a laptop with a secondary monitor) in Nerd Corner. It didn’t take long at all. Linux Mint 17.1 is quick and easy to install. There were a few rough spots installing some new themes and icons but all in all it was a success. Now to do some testing on video and audio stuff. 


Tumblr and the Older Blogger


I really enjoy this thing called Tumblr. David Karp was on to something when he and his team started this social blogging platform. The number of people here with varied interests is amazing. Creating a sense of community here can be fun.

Being an “older” blogger here can be a interesting experience. My “about” on my blog says I am 40-something. This fact led me to ask the question, can younger and older bloggers find common ground and have a shared experience that brings them together. How much in common would someone in their early 20’s have with a person in their 30’s, 40’s and lets say 50’s. Tumblr has a large younger demographic. However there are many of us who skew older than lets say 18-25.

I enjoy my time here. This platform can be open to people of all ages, races, orientation and interests. Blogging can keep you younger and can keep you relevant in today’s changing world. What are your thoughts on this?


Interesting isn’t it that the Astronauts who went to the moon went on less computing power than our cell phones. The computers they used filled rooms, now the laptop I am using could blow them all away. Just keeping things in perspective.

Another Site On The Web


I have been experimenting with Tumblr and kind of like what I see. There is an App for my BlackBerry that makes it easy to post blogs and pictures. I am going to give it an extended look here. I hope no one gets cyber whiplash by my constant playing around with things to get the word out on the web.

My Tumblr Test


The Tumblr blog platform worked well last night in covering Riverbend. It has a Blackberry App that I used to post long form blogs, short form tweets and pictures. The App has a web feel to it and made it easy to do what I wanted. Anytime you use a smartphone to publish to the web you want it to be easy and straight forward. Each post would also post to Twitter and Facebook which was nice.

My only problem is that cell service at Riverbend was there but we couldn’t lock into the digital portion of the service so uploading pics and posting blogs was a challenge which is not Tumblr’s fault. In my using it heavily last night I think Tumblr passed with flying colors.

Tumblr @ Riverbend


Tonight I am going to experiment with Tumblr to cover Riverbend 2011. I am playing around with different platforms to see how they work in a mobile blogging/tweeting situation. Last night I used my Blogger blog and it worked great. Now lets give Tumblr a go. See you tonight at Riverbend via the web.