Being a member of an organization requires ones active participation to insure its success. Membership also means having a voice in making difficult decisions regarding its future. Sometimes it means having to change radically what the organization does or in some cases ending it all together. I am going to a meeting today where such decisions will be made. 

Membership has its privileges but also its responsibilities and obligations. If you are going to join something you must be prepared to support it even if it means ending it. 




Without oldies, today’s everything wouldn’t exist. New things are built upon the inspiration of things that have come before. Everyone has an influence in their lives who has been touched by something from the past. I am a oldie but there are oldies that have inspired me. Inspire each other to build for the present and the future. One day you too will be an oldie. Remember everything old is new again.

Talking People Down From The Deep End


There are people who are anxious about a lot of things. One of the best things you can do is to be there for them and listen. When necessary you have to talk them down from going off the deep end. Everyone needs peace and comfort in life so be willing to give them a needed sense of security. Everyone has times in life where their emotions can get the best of them and they loose sight of a hopeful future. Fear not my friends.

Boldly Going


Star Trek talks about boldly going where no one has gone before. We as people have to do this sometimes with fear. 

Moving forward and boldy going means leaving some comforts and familiar things behind. Its never easy but sometimes there is a blessing in the journey. Hang in there, hold on, you can meet the challenges of the journey.