In A Time Of Loss


Today I am going to a funeral for my pastor’s father. Pete White lived a great life and raised a great family. He was suffering for a long time with cancer so his passing means he is no longer in pain. It sucks that sometimes people we love have to pass on to get relief from the intense pain they live with.

As someone grieves its hard to know what to say. Those who are left behind just want someone to listen. Asking how are they doing has always seemed to be a tricky question, however its not always obvious. The relief some feel after a loved one passes can free them from the worry but the memories remain of better times they will never have again.

Being honest with ones feelings can be hard after a loss. There are a ton of emotions and figuring out how to deal with them takes time. In my experience I just being there to be sympathetic or empathetic does a lot for those mourning. Life does go on, eventually life returns to normal. Living your life is the best way to honor those who have passed. You carry a little part of them everywhere you go.


Saying Farewell


It’s never a fun occasion to go to a funeral home. Tonight I went to pay my respects to Pat, a wonderful lady from church who died on Monday. She was a well loved woman with lots of spirit and spunk. Her husband passed a couple of years earlier. Pat lived well and it showed by all the folks who came to the visitation.

One thing I have learned is to live long, love fiercely and have a spirit that will infect others. Also live so that the officiant of your funeral doesn’t have to lie during the eulogy.

Remember those who have passed especially the ones who have worked and sacrificed to make your life better.

Funerals are like Facebook…Well Sort Of.


Today I was at a funeral and it began to make me think that people you know know other people you know. A couple of years ago I was at a funeral of a church member who happened to have a friendship with other people from other parts of my life. It’s like a sad way to realize connections that one has. The man who’s funeral I was at was a kind, sweet soul who could befriend anyone but the only connections we had in common was fellow church members. 

Weddings work the same way. As two people come together you and the couple might have common connections with other people.

It’s further proof that no one is an island and that we are all connected in some way or another. Just think that Kevin Bacon thing.