Movies In The Park at Coolidge Park in Chattanooga. Watching the sing-a-long version of Disney’s cult classic “Frozen”. This will be fun. Lot’s of activity here on the North Shore of America’s Scenic City. Thanks to First Things First.

Good Sunday


It’s a new week with much in store. I hope everyone has a great day that will start your week off on a positive note. It’s my birthday week so I’m excited about that. Stay classy my friends. Keep on blogging!


The First Show of 2013 – Groundhog day was the first big snow event of the year in Chattanooga. It started around 10:00 AM this morning and it has been falling off and on throughout the day. It’s a stark change from earlier in the week when it was unseasonably warm and we had severe weather including a tornado in a nearby town. We are glad to have some real winter weather. Let it snow as my wife Laura says.