Tuesday’s are Challenging


It seems that there have been a lot of people challenged today. In my house we have been tested too on this project we are working on. We are all frustrated and frazzled. All I can say is we are in it together and to hang in there (sorry to be cliche’) but words can sometimes be the only thing you can say or do. Hard work, hard lives, hard times are felt by everyone. Be strong good people.




Seems like a lot of folks are frustrated on this Tuesday evening.

I am frustrated because our mobile phones aren’t working the way they should and I can’t communicate reliably with my wife. There are other things that are annoying me but you pick your battles. 

Some people on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook are struggling with people, situations, technology and more. Its good to express your feelings in a blog. Perhaps these shared experiences can help folks come to a resolution. I know its hard to deal with things that really get under your skin when there is little you can do about it. 

My heart goes out to everyone who is struggling, striving to make life and situations better. For some its good to give it over to God or their higher power. Others need advice from trusted people. Whatever you need to do, make peace if you can. The key is to cope and to move on. No one needs to be enslaved by the troubles of the day.