Olaf from “Frozen” Snuggie on Flickr.

Christmas likes warm hugs. It’s also officially jumped the shark.


Movies In The Park at Coolidge Park in Chattanooga. Watching the sing-a-long version of Disney’s cult classic “Frozen”. This will be fun. Lot’s of activity here on the North Shore of America’s Scenic City. Thanks to First Things First.

Southerners and Winter 2014


My fellow Southerners this weather is something beautiful, strange and something we experience every once and awhile. Our DNA is not equipped to handle lots of frozen weather. Please be careful, don’t get out unless you absolutely have to. Winters here aren’t supposed to get this cold and have this much precipitation so often. Stay warm and inside. Keep calm, we will get through this.

To my friends in the north, we feel sorry for you because you go through this thing a lot traditionally. It’s good to experience life from a different view.


Frozen, An Awesome Animated Adventure

It was date night on a Monday and we went for a bite to eat and onto see the Golden Globe winning movie Frozen.

It was a true throwback where there was some fantastic traditional animation with a rock solid story by Hans Christian Andersen. The action, humor and heart along with a fantastic music soundtrack make this movie great. It’s a story of love, sisterly love and its nice to have that sort of thing instead of a heavy handed romantic thing which seems to have been the trademark of so many Disney movies. Frozen is a reminder of what great animation can be. I recommend this movie to anyone. It’s very family friendly.