I think friendship is something unique and personal to the individuals who are connected to one another. All I have ever wanted in a friendship is to know I am liked and appreciated. There is value in these voluntary relationships because they offer companionship and support. I don’t ask much from my friendships. No one should take friends for granted because they are hard to come by. I am not the best at friendships for some reason. I think I’m a okay bloke but sometimes I wonder. Friendship is indeed a two way street though.


Change Is Gonna Come


Lamenting change is difficult. Things come and go and you have to accept it as a part of life. No matter if its family, faith, friendship transition and change are a part of it all. We can remember the good old days or we can do something new and different. Its all up to us to plot the course we will take. We are in a partnership with our higher power in the direction we take. 

I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will…Sam Cooke

In Common


We may not have everything in life in common but we have blogging and that is a good start. Building a bridge of friendship happens one post at a time. This is a place where old and young can come together to understand their time of life. Welcome to all who follow me. I hope you all will be the star of your own blogs, you are the most interesting thing you can post about. Keep on blogging good people.

A Fellow Bloggers Meal


I would cook spaghetti. Yep a big bowl of spaghetti, heavy on the sauce too. There would be lots of parmesan cheese to make it extra good. Oh yeah a side of garlic bread too. Maybe a salad to go with it so we can get our fiber in, served with be beverage of your choice.

Why spaghetti? well its kind of a meal that is comforting and resembles the Internet with all those strands of pasta going in all directions. It also feeds a lot of people too.

We are having spaghetti tonight for dinner, so this got me thinking about what I would serve you. Enjoy your dinner tonight whatever it may be and keep on blogging fellow nerds.

Making Friends


I get excited when I make new friends. Making friends has always been a challenge for me in my life. Perhaps it’s me being a bit of an odd ball or something. I know being too nice can be a flaw.

I know what it’s like to be rejected. Sometimes my friendliness gets the best of me and can rub some the wrong way. Life is too short to not be kind though. My friends I appreciate you. Thank you.

Friday Night Friend Shoutout!


Here’s a Friday Night Friend Shoutout!