A Good Friday Evening


i am glad the week has come to an end. At work I have worked some overtime to help with our production levels and I hope we did some good this week. Tonight we had a shrimp dinner with tater tots and slaw. We watched the movie “The Giver” and enjoyed it the second go around.

I am tired and I am very glad to sleep in some tomorrow. Friends I hope you are having a good Friday evening. Wow did I say I am tired.

How You Start


I always say its not how you start but how you finish that matters. Some days how you start can color your attitude towards it all. I hope my day will indeed finish strong. Maybe the week is catching up with me.

It’s Friday!!!


Howdy kids, it’s Friday! We have made it to the weekend and that is a good thing. No matter your plans for the weekend may they be fun and blogworthy. Let’s have a great day my friends.

Know you are all appreciated and you are awesome!