America For All!


May words like freedom, faith and heritage never be used to exclude or deny anyone the promise of America’s dream. We owe it to those who sacrificed much to ensure the liberties we have today for Everyone! If America is to be a great nation we must care for the least of these among us. Inclusion into community is what our country should be about.


Thoughts on America


Today as we celebrate the story of America we should never forget the sacrifices of those who came before that made it possible. People who were willing to fight and to work to make this a land of opportunity for everyone. Today we are at a crossroads where many of our people are in need of new opportunities. Our nation is looked upon as that shining beacon to the rest of the world. We should never forget about the least of these who are struggling to make it day to day. A great nation will make it possible for everyone to have a place at the table and to provide for everyone. I offer my prayers for America and the rest of the nations of the world that God will bless us all in every hemisphere and in all directions. Our story is still being written and we are living the history our children will read about in the future. We are a work in progress.