Cooking Shows


Cooking shows on Saturday have been a part of my weekends for years. I grew up on The Frugal Gourmet and it continues on to other shows on PBS and Food Network now. Without these cooking shows it just isn’t Saturday for me. 

So far today we have seen 

America’s Test Kitchen on PBS

Cooks Country

The Kitchen on Food Network

Trisha’s Southern Kitchen

Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals on CBS

I like the instructional and informational quality of these shows. We also watch Mexico: One Plate At A Time, Pioneer Woman and sometimes Martha Stewart. There are some great tips I have picked up over the years thanks to these shows. Of course we must giver homage to Julia Child who developed the genre of cooking on TV. 


foodnetworkconfessions: Congrats to Justin Warner, winner of Next Food Network Star. His show will be produced by his mentor the great Alton Brown. 


Watching Food Network this morning and thinking pigs should scared to watch this today. Seriously ham, pork tenderloins and other stuff. Its all yummy ya know.