Name Change


Every so often a new url/address on Tumblr is needed. You wanna have something fresh and new or perhaps you are hiding from someone. Well if you want to keep people in the know be sure to let your followers know before you do it, after and mention it a few times later to be sure folks know what’s going on. Best wishes on finding out what you want to be on Tumblr but be sure everyone is along for the ride.


In Common


We may not have everything in life in common but we have blogging and that is a good start. Building a bridge of friendship happens one post at a time. This is a place where old and young can come together to understand their time of life. Welcome to all who follow me. I hope you all will be the star of your own blogs, you are the most interesting thing you can post about. Keep on blogging good people.

Following and Followed


You are following and being followed on Tumblr because you and your followers discovered your blog by surfing around and finding your stuff to be cool and you found their stuff to be cool too. You can connect with others in a powerful way just by exploring tags and the like. It’s not trolling if you leave a positive remark or like a post or two.

Follow That Blog…I Hope You Don’t Mind


Every relationship I have through blogging has come about because I followed a blog first and got to know someone through their posts. People have followed me back in the same manner. However when you follow a blog sometimes it feels like you are being nosy and that sort of thing. You just have to get past that.

Some bloggers want to share and express with the world everything in their head and on their heart, while others would rather just blog for themselves. It’s a personal preference on how many people you want to see your posts. 

Tumblr has created a platform that is in itself a social network through its dashboard where you see the blogs and posts of people who you follow. Some people choose to be personal, creative and original while others just want to reblog everything in sight. There’s room for both. Although I like a blog where I get to know a little about the blogger, its just more interesting if you ask me. 

I believe in the social element of blogging, its a great way to learn about things you didn’t know existed and to see life through other peoples eyes. No two people are alike. There is incredible diversity in blogging. You have to have an open mind on Tumblr and other sites like it. 

I hope you don’t mind if I follow you. It’s OK to follow me. 

When You Have A Blog on Tumblr


You should expect that people are going to explore Tumblr’s vast number of blogs. The system of tagging is such where you can find content from fellow bloggers.

Reblogging is impossible without searching for other bloggers material for posting on your own blog. Think about how many notes you see on some posts. 

There is a difference between exploring and trolling to harass and hurt fellow bloggers. As I have said earlier, every blog I have found was done through just going “shopping” to get inspiration from others and to make friendly connections. The people I follow are my friends in blogging and we enjoy that relationship made possible by Tumblr. 

When a fellow blogger likes what you have posted it is supposed to be acknowledgement that your post is agreeable and appreciated. There are some folks who should know that this is a social network in as much as it is a blogging platform. Unless your blog is password protected your site is open game for anyone on the web. 

Tumblr is simple, complex, fun and more. I am glad to be here. This is where my online voice is. Blogging is about community not isolation.